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New York City Olive Oil Coop
New York City Olive Oil Coop
Olive oil has been used as part of the human diet for more than 4000 years. The ancient Greeks & Romans had recognized long time ago the health benefits of olive oil consumption. The writings of Hippocrates, the long human experience with olive oil through the centuries as well as modem research performed in universities and research institutions around the world and now the US FDA indicate that olive oil is beneficial to health and that we should definitely include it in our daily diet.

Olive oil has been determined to be the ingredient in Italian - Mediterranean diet that contributes more than anything else to the excellent health of Italians. However, in order to get the same health benefits as most Italians do due to their significant consumption of TRUE extra virgin olive oil, the consumer must be able to find and buy the same kind of oil. This is very difficult, because most olive oil brands available on a typical supermarket shelve do not come even close to the true extra virgin olive oil produced by a typical Italian mills and consumed by a typical Italian family. Even though these products are labeled that way, they do not contain the nutrients that are so essential to health because these nutrients have been removed or neutralized as a result of the way the oil has been processed and due to tampering and dilution of the extra virgin olive oil with oils produced from other sources (canola, hazelnut, etc.), olive oils of other grades, refined olive oils and generally oils of much lower quality, price and nutritional value. This is happening with olive oils labeled as "Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin". The label therefore of "Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin" is not a guarantee of quality. There is nothing in USA laws that govern the production and labeling of olive oil that says that olive oil labeled as "Extra Virgin" has to be 100% Extra Virgin. Very surprising, isn't it?

As a result of these very loose regulations, we have an olive oil market in the US that is full of fraud and deception. Hence why I started the New York City Olive Oil Coop. The best quality Olive Oil direct from the source - Famiglia Pellegrino - my moms family in Calabria Italy.

Pellegrino Certified Organic Oil has a brilliant deep olive green hue, scent of green olive leaves, a wonderful buttery texture and subtle peppery finish. Through traditional farming methods the Pellegrino’s maintain a special relationship with: Mother Earth and her resources. 

Delivery of the current year Olive Oil harvest will arrive in New York City by mid-December of the same year. If you are or know of a true Olive Oil connoisseur we invite you to join our Coop. NOTE* The value of the Pellegrino Olive Oil would be double the amount if sold in gourmet fine food stores.

Review this website, it's photos and all the fact sheets and contacts us with any questions about our Olive Oil Coop.


Michele Castaldo

What People are Saying about our EVOO

1- ..."When I first heard about the Olive Oil Co-op, I was intrigued but thought "there's no way I'd be able to use that amount of olive oil!" Then, I realized how much of the oil I'd actually be able to give away for holiday, birthday, host/hostess, and other types of gifts. Just find a nice glass bottle, tie a little ribbon around it, and voila! I have already started doing this, and my friends have been thrilled. Not only do the quality and taste of the oil, and its organic certification, appeal to me -- it is also nice to be able to pass this along from the family orchard of one friend on to other friends. I like having things that are made by people I know, whether it is art, jewelry, clothing, food, or other crafts. The personal touch involved in bringing this Pellegrino family oil to the U.S. from Italy and sharing it with people we know makes this, for me, a special opportunity. I'm really glad I joined the olive oil co-op!"   --- Caroline Horn - (singer/songwriter) NYC
What People are Saying about our EVOO
2. ..."OH WOW MICHAEL!!!! We are so in!!!! That olive oil totally rocks.  This Olive Oil is from the Gods. SOOOoooo luscious. Thanks for bringing us into the fold. Let's talk about delivery, OK? "  --- John & Alisa Dalton Wager (composer & Grammy award wining producer & attorney) NY

3. ..."Mike, UNBELIEVABLE!     Great Web Site! Nice pictures of the cousins working, Sounds Great! " ---  Sam Cuda (teacher - real estate professional) Canada
4. ..."Thank you Mike-  the olive oil is awesome! " --- Jim Stephanie Martini Papuolis (composer/producer & non profit executive) NYC
5. ..."micheal, I love the olive oil...........and I have already sold a liter. Will see my brother this weekend and I will take a bottle for him to try and I will let you know how that goes.... "
--- Dom Zappia  (retired us marine) FL
6. ..."Hey micheal- it really is an amazing product." Joe Mowatt - (broadway percussionist) NY
7. ..."As a working and traveling musician I don't usually treat myself to many of life's great pleasures as I always seem to be short on time. But when the chance to purchase organic and extremely high quality extra virgin oil from Italy came along, I just couldn't pass it up. I can excuse someone for drinking a cheap watered down beer or even wine with a screw off cap but anything short of quality extra virgin olive oil is a crime in my book. I have tasted many great olive oils here in the States and in my numerous travels in Italy and I can safely and honestly say that this olive oil stands firmly at the top!" ---  Joe D'Urso (Songwriter and Self Appointed Olive Oil Connoisseur) NJ

"As a member of the  NYOOCooP, I want to heartily extol Michael Castaldo for annointing his friends with his family's EVOO (Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil) .  Ever since our EVOO arrived in its impressive 10 Liter tins, life in the kitchen and dining room has been calmer and greener.
EVOO, like a Tao philosopher, has helped simplify our typically overwhelmed New York lives, providing an answer to such fundamental questions as:  butter or EVOO--?  EVOO!  Canola oil or EVOO?  EVOO!  Smart Balance or EVOO?  EVOO of course!
EVOO will simplify your life and help you towards a more healthful diet. Enlightenment could be around the corner." --- Steven Lowy & Marina Belica (Artist/Photographer & musician/songwriter) NYC
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9. ..." Yes, the Olive Oil arrived.  My mom's side of the family (the Reggiano's from Messina Sicily), like to enjoy their Olive Oil by simply dunking in some nice, freshly baked Italian bread.  So first thing this morning, I headed down to our local Italian bakery and picked up a loaf.

My mom was over for dinner tonight (Sue made a lovely Chicken Piccata), and we decided to break open your EVOO.

First, I have to tell you.  The color is amazing!  We held it up next to a bottle of store bought Bertolli "Extra Virgin" (and I use the term loosely) oil, and the Bertolli's color paled in comparison.  It had a light golden hue, compared to the rich green color of yours.

Next we broke bread and began to dunk.  Micheal I have to tell you, it was "HEAVEN"!  The taste as you described, was buttery smooth, laden with the rich taste of sunshine and olives, followed by a subtle peppery finish.

Now I hope this next part doesn't insult you, but I couldn't resist.  After about a half dozen "dunks", my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to dip a piece of the bread in the Bertolli, just  to see side by side, exactly how it would compare.  I almost gagged!  I got an immediate "chemical" (don't know how this is possible) taste sensation, with none of the subtle smooth buttery olive flavor. I was shocked at how incredibly "harsh" it was.  We've been using "off the shelf" oils for some time, but this made a true believer out of me.

I don't know exactly how much of this would actually matter in "cooking", but for enjoying the true essence of an exquisite oil, yours won everyone's heart (and taste buds) at the table!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us.  We really enjoyed it, and I have to tell you I think you have a winner on your hands!" -  "Hollywood" Steve Gaspar - Hollywood Music East (Songwriter/Producer) CT
10. ...michael -- "i have to tell you, i think your newsletter is lovely -- we applaud your efforts (and are enjoying the olive oil immensely!) "  XOX - Diana Ritter & Mike Sudyn - Flying Dreams (Film Director/writer and Producer/Editor) NY
11. ...Our apologies for not contacting you to thank you, and at the same time curse you for spoiling us with such nectar, so much that all other oil now tastes like diesel. What are the chances to set up a Canadian chapter? "
- Lorenzo and Raf Di Cecco  (Retired judge & educational consultant) Canada

12. ..."Well done Michael, It looks like all the avenues you're pursuing are doing well! Great to hear about the olive oil - looks and sounds excellent. Ever thought about importing it into the UK? I could potentially pursue this for you if you wish. Just let me know" -  Andy Monk (Petroleum Engineer) UK
13. ..."Michael, I will take a 10 liter can. Enjoy your concert and your trip too.... (a few days later)...Thank you again. I may add another 10 liter can to my order.  If you don’t mind,  re-contact me before you make the final arrangement. Much appreciated"... Guy Mastrion NY
14. ..."I have been meaning to tell you about how fabulous this oil is.  We love it.  I am interested in ordering a 10 liter can for the holidays.  Please count me in on your order"... Take care, Rosanna Fiallo (Physician) CO

15. ...Dave from 3B here... "we are totally stoked about the olive oil for Christmas would like to order one 5 liter can"...  (3B-Bereznak Brothers Band ) NY
16. ... mike, you will be greatly amused with the following story.  We have given a bottle to each of my brothers to try out.  They all love it and we will share any more that we get from you with them.  The cute part has to do with one of our 11 year old nephews (Marco).  The day after we delivered the oil to his house Lorenzo got an urgent call from him.  He wanted me to call him back as soon as possible.  When Lorenzo asked him what was wrong he told him:  I love the oil and am wondering if you might be able to save me some.  Apparently he had already used most of it up.  He now has his own litre of oil with appropriate label noting his ownership... 
Lorenzo and Raf Di Cecco  (Retired judge & educational consultant) Canada
17. ...Hi Mike --- WOW.  The olive oil is like medicine for the body and  soul.  Love it. Hope it has Love potion #9 effects on someone I gave a sampling. Be well and thank you!  (Diane DiBernardo -  NY Real Estate Agent) NY
18. ...Hi Michael...the 2006 Robusto EVOO left a smoothe tingle on my palate.......Love it! (Diane DiBernardo) NY
19. ..."Micheal, the 2006 EVOO I recently gifted several relatives and friends was a big hit -- everyone has told me they look forward to ordering more :)" ... Marie Halka MD

20. ...Michael, As always, the 2006 EVOO passes all tests in our Italian-American household. From dipping with bread to salad mixes to cooking, it never fails it taste and body. Many thanks... Best, Joe D'Urso NJ
21. ...All I use is olive oil, and so I have different grades for different purposes.  For me, EVOO is what I save for raw tastings, for those moments when I want someone to look at me and say, "Wow, I can taste this, and I've never had anything like it".  I can't say the same for most olive oils I've purchased before.  I treat it like gold and bring it out when I want to shine in the kitchen, or, when I just won't settle for less.  When I can afford it, I'm going to eliminate the others and use EVOO for all my olive oil occasions... Fred Gardaphe (Professor - Author) NY
22. ...Hi Micheal, I was thrilled to receive my most recent shipment of 2 Gallons of the "Robust" 2006 EVOO.  It's funny how it seems the more we have, the more we use. This harvest is truly wonderful.  My son Stephen who was home for the holidays from The Berklee College of Music in Boston, insisted on taking a small sample back to share with his room mates, one of whom is quite an accomplished Italian chef. He called me last night to tell me that after just two weeks, they finished all he brought back.  They made a nightly ritual of having a "bread dunk", and absolutely loved it!    The 2006 EVOO has also become a part of my health regime this past year, and something I give much credit to helping my 65 lbs weight loss!  I've attached a "Before" picture, from left to right: Trevor Gale (SESAC), myself (at 245 lbs), Peak/Concord Recording Artist Latoya London, and Songwriter/Producer Barry Eastmond.  Also attached is an "After" picture of me (at 180 lbs!), accepting an Award for Best Inspirational Song at the first annual Ensound Music Awards Show in NJ just seven months later. Thank you for sharing this very special oil. ...Steve 'Hollywood' Gaspar (Songwriter-Producer) CT
23. ...I LOVE the 2006 EVOO, and use it in everything!  I just bought an oil mister, so that I don't have to buy the cooking sprays anymore.  Each year I buy a large quantity for myself, and several individually wrapped bottles to use as gifts.  My favorite way to cook with evoo is to take an entire bulb of garlic, remove skin except for a thin layer -- snip the tops of each clove and set in a small baking dish.  Then sprinkle with salt, pepper, and thyme, cover with evoo, and bake for about 45 min.  When finished, squeeze the garlic out and dip bread, then save the flavored oil for future use. ... -Nancy Buchanan President, MMI NJ
24. ...We've become addicted to our 2006 NYC Olive Oil Coop EVOO. When we are given olive oil when dining out - nothing else compares to the EVOO that we have at home or that we used to purchase prior to joining the Coop. Thanks so much for a wonderful, healthful addition to our kitchen!...  Dr. Sara Glickstein & Avi Bar-Ze'ev  NYC
25. ...The new 2006 EVOO is wonderful and we are using it sparingly but loving it on salads, especially.  Plan to share (a little)  with friends coming for dinner Sunday as they appreciate the finer things in life!... Penny & George Dann FL

26. ...I love my 2006 olive oil.  I only use it on special occasions on special dishes.  Every time I use it someone usually says that the dish tastes especially good! ... Nancy Fiore Quinn NY

27.  ...I am very much enjoying the 2006 harvest! Wow! It's like no other olive oil I've tasted - it is full bodied! - Floral; Green Tomato; Woodsy - Robust; slightly bitter - Dense -Green/Yellow -Unfiltered.  I am so glad I joined. I've learned so much about EVOO from your website and all of the materials you included with my order. It's become a new interest for me. Furthermore, friends to whom I gave bottles for Christmas were so pleased and thrilled - they thought it was a fabulous gift.  My boyfriend and I have really enjoyed tasting the EVOO with just salt and bread. It is so delicious and luxurious. I am savoring and protecting every drop!... Allison Scola (Singer-songwriter) NYC

28. ...We tried the oil for the first time last weekend and it was wonderful!  As you suggested, we got some good, crusty bread and put in a bit of the Mediterranean salt.  Yum!!!!  We've also used in salad dressing and to sauté.  We look forward to experimenting with it more in the months ahead... Mindy Carton NJ
29. ...There is no way to describe your EVOO, it is fabulous from soup to popcorn!  If you are cooking or tossing the flavor is wonderful, any recipe is a Blue Ribbon Winner!!! Once you’ve tried it there is no going back, no cook should be without it... Carmela DiCicco CA
30. ..."With New York City EVOO Coop there's something exciting going on in our kitchen. Our consumption of baguettes has skyrocketed because the taste of the olive oil is so rich and buttery. We love serving bread oand EVOO to our guests as a treat and they can't believe the taste. Our first order, a 3.8 Liter tin isn't going to last til next winter, so we're stocking up on some extra and sending bottles to our friends because it's too good not to share. Thanks Michael!" ...Jamie Propp (Music Producer) & Sang A  (Designer) NYC
31. ..."One taste of Calabrian gourmet olive oil on bread will have you dreaming about Southern Italy and all the wonderful artisanal products that the country has to offer." --Roberta Fineberg  (Photographer) NYC
32. ...Dear Micheal, We finally got around to de-canting our new EVOO last evening as we have been enjoying the last of last year's and the small bottle of the new harvest.  You'll appreciate I stopped George before he punctured
the can and reminded him we needed candles and music.  He commented that was my job so I opened a bottle of wine, turned on the CD's and lit the candles!  What fun!   Although we enjoyed last year's harvest we are thoroughly loving this year's unfiltered EVOO.  It has a very nice flavor, very mellow and smooth.  Hopefully we can get more of the same next year...  Penny and George Dann FL
33. ..."I have become addicted to the olive oil! This is not good. I’m actually craving it! I bought some really pretty bottles and have been giving it as gifts"...   -  Linda Lorence Critelli  VP Writer-Publisher Relations SESAC, INC. NYC

34 ...I used to pick  up whatever Olive Oil was on sale in the grocery store, but when my girlfriend Ann gave me a bottle of EVOO for  Christmas, I immediately noticed the superior quality of EVOO. It has a rich fruity taste. I can tell you, I've been using it ever since. I didn't wait for my gift to run out before I ordered my own supply. I keep it on hand as a dressing for a fabulous salad or simply dipping in bread. I haven't been down the Olive Oil aisle at the grocer for a long time. Thanks to EVOO!  Indeed a satisfied customer  - Genie"Pepper" Swinson (Artist - Educator) (NJ)

35. ...Hello Michael, Yes, we did receive the olive oil! I decided to share some of it with my friends. It is a superb product. Thanks for bringing into the market place. Just so you know, I just started culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Miami. It's a career change for me and I am quite pleased so far. Regards, Rachel O'Kaine (FL)
.36. ..Dear Micheal, Just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying your fine olive oil. It arrived last Monday (man, that was fast!), the very day I had gotten some of the first favas of the spring from the local farmers' market, and the combination, along with a bit of pecorino, was just the thing. You'll be hearing from me, once this bottle is getting low. Talk to you soon. Best, - Michael O'Donovan (CA)

37. ...I have been using it for salad dressings and it's delicious!!! ... Judi Silvano (Jazz Singer) & Joe Lovano (Blue Note Recording Artist and Grammy Award winning Saxophonist)

38, ...I was brought up in a huge Italian " cooking" family where olive oil was used daily in almost every meal.......I love it and even enjoy a daily spoonful as my Grandmother did!  For many years my husband and I bought our olive oil from a variety of stores- trying honestly to come across a better product by buying expensive oils in Italian markets and still feeling only fairly satisfied....Food in Italy itself was far superior and we knew it was mainly due to the oils....Ecco EVOO! Now we rarely buy oil elsewhere, purchasing it yearly in a supply of young pressed oil packaged in small bottles so that we can keep the product correctly stored until use in the kitchen. We were thrilled to find that the oil we  buy from Michele Castaldo's company is Olio Nuovo (fresh oil), while horrified to find that much of the product on our supermarket shelves was pressed over two years prior to shipment!  We thought our EVOO oil would make great gifts as well because of the attractive packaging, but find ourselves using it all and giving away nothing! Its EVOO all the way for us!   Alessandra Domina, Kittery Point, Maine. (Real Estate Agent - Sandy Domina Associates)
39. ...Dear Micheal,  I'm writing to order some more of your sensational olive oil--this time one liter bottle for me, and two half-liters to give as gifts.  I've loved having this stuff around, and with tomatoes coming into season, I'll need more. Best,  Michael O'Donovan (Musician) CA
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40. ...Michael, in the spirit of full disclosure, I'm a far cry from being an expert in all things culinary. To be completely candid, I'm a few degrees south of pretty much being a gastronomic idiot. That being said, recently I've been tapped by my inner-food-fairy. Who knew that preparing a fine dish could ever be more enjoyable than getting thoroughly banged-up on Gray Goose and soda in a night club? It's like this fantastical sub-world that's been tucked away, just waiting for me to discover it. Whipping up a killer chicken soup with baby spinach and egg-noodles on a cold Saturday afternoon, baking an enticing loaf of fresh French bread, a hearty Irish stew, a delicate fish get the point, it's all good. Smack me in the back of the head now (Italian style) before I start sounding like a complete geek... but it's an enriching and rewarding experience. Good for the soul. I'm sure my Grandma would be pleased. In know my Mother is thrilled. You know, anything that gets me off the street. 
Which brings me to the Castaldo New York City Olive Oil Co-Op Extra Virgin Olive Oil. When you first approached me with this nectar of the first thought was, "Olive oil is olive oil, right?". Yeah, like a Shanghai Stratocaster is like a Fender Stratocaster. One is the real deal, the other a cheap imposter. When I first bought the 10 litre can home, we had a bit of the Pompeian EVOO left over. My wife Lil and I did a little comparison. Nothing super scientific, mind you. Just the attributes that hit us over the head like a clown mallet in a cartoon. Their EVOO is yellow. Your's has a greener hue. Their olive oil is bland and thin, yours is tasty and full bodied with a little kick. Again, I'm no expert, but rest assured, I know what I like. Get a ripe avocado with a few thin raw onion rings placed over the top with a little NYC Co-op EVOO drizzled over the top and a pinch of salt and pepper a la Cubano that's a rockin' appetizer. Simple, but delicious.
And I'll go you one further....although you might recoil at the thought. Truth be told, I'm known to pay a bit more attention to my personal grooming habits than the average red-meat 'Murican hetero male. But, if you take some NYC Co-op EVOO and cut it with a little pharmaceutical grade vitamin E oil (two parts EVOO to 1 part Vitamin E oil) you will have concocted a moisturizing potion second to none. (This of course is right about the time that my gay friends point their finger at me and say, "I knew it!") And...all natural. Can I get an Amen? I keep a bottle in the shower. A few drops rubbed in your hands is better than any store bought hair conditioner that you could ever buy. Next, a little on the 'ol face as a pre-shave. Heck, in this dry winter weather, you can lightly hit your whole bod with the stuff and say goodbye to scaly looking skin forever. Am I getting carried away? I sound like that nut from the Sham-Wow commercial, right? Can't help it. I call 'em as I see 'em and your EVOO is tops, bud. Thanks for turning us onto it. We're in for the long haul!  Warmest regards, Tony Anzivino Inertia Entertainment Partners LLC Writer/Producer NYC
41. ..."I get my olive oil from the New York Olive Oil Coop because I'd rather pay for freshness and quality than packaging and marketing.  Also, I give some bottles away as great Christmas gifts - friends appreciate something they can really use that's healthy instead of getting all those sweets around the holidays." 

"Usually at least once a week I make myself a great dip to have with super-healthy, toasted sprouted grain bread: mix minced fresh rosemary with  crushed garlic and ground Himilyan or Celtic sea salt in some EVOO, let still for a day or overnight, then consume at a sitting or two" Cheers, Clodine Mallinckrodt Founder & Executive Director GO DO GROW zest for life required.

..."I applaud the effort of Michael Castaldo and his family for producing a truly organic and pure olive oil. The light, fruity taste of this gourmet oil is delightful and the slight peppery after taste provides additional favor enhancement! My thanks to Michael for recognizing the need for a delicious olive oil that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality"...Laura Theodore, The Jazzy Vegetarian 
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jazzy vegetarian
...Pellegrino certified organic olive oil. Imported once a year and available from the New York City Olive Oil Coop... Organic Kitchen